August 9, 2015 Chad

Polaris Repair

Polaris RZR about to go to Motozone Motorsports Las Vegas for a oil change.

Polaris Repair


Is your Polaris RZR in need of a Polaris Reapir shop?  Is your Polaris Ranger in need of fresh oil and should see a Polaris Repair shop immediately?  Well Motozone Motorsports is the premier Polaris Repair shop in the Las Vegas Valley.  With some of the top Polaris Repair technicians in the country located under our roof you can be assured your Polaris repair will go smoothly.  We use only Polaris Repair factory approved parts and liquids in your polaris to make sure it will run at its peak performance.

Motozone Motorsports understands when it comes to your Polaris Rzr that nothing but the best is acceptable.  So when we do a polaris repair job you can be assured that the work will not be rushed and will not be half ass’ed.  All polaris repair work is guaranteed to satisfy.  However that does not mean your polaris repair will have to sit on the back burner, no!  Since Motozone Motorsports only employs the best in the business you can be assured we will get to your Polaris repair quickly and be done right the first time.

Motozone Motorsports is currently running a Polaris Repair special this month and if you bring in your polaris rzr or your polaris ranger of even any polaris atv we will give you a discount on oil changes and other basic maintenance work!  Ask about our tire specials too!  We can get the best rubber for your polaris that will eat the las vegas valley alive!

Some side notes for your Polaris RZR, we recommend 8 ply tires for riding in the Las Vegas valley.  The rocks here are pretty sharp and can eat up lower ply tires in a hurry.  Also a strong wheel is recommended to handle all the rocks your gonna be running into out there.

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